jueves, marzo 07, 2013

The cursed Prince

This is a sculpture based on Hayao's Miyazaki Princess Mononoke film. One year ago, more or less, I took part of a hardcore modeling contest. Although I couldn´t make it on time I decided to finish it anyway.

It was really fun but I had to combine my job with the challenge so at the end was impossible for me to finish on time. My inexperience with contest of this type was a huge handicap too. I should have done no more than 2 characters. I had this idea even before that contest existed so I though than being part of a contest could bring to me an extra motivation to start and finish the piece.

I´m not 100 % glad on the final result, specially on the worms but I had to put an end to this project, it was consuming too much time.

Here is the original post on the challenge:

And the winners:

Fantastic works all of them!

lunes, octubre 31, 2011

Collaborating with Pcliga.com (part2)

Finally I've managed to finish up 10 different stadiums for Soccer Online Managing game Pcliga.
It's been a pleasure and a hard work task because I had to make them on my spare time.
Here are the final pictures:

miércoles, septiembre 21, 2011

Indiana Jones

This is a personal project. I modeled one of my favourites movie character, Indiana Jones. When I was making Indy my aim was to consolidate what I have learned in the last 3 years. I modeled Indy with Zbrush but I did not take any advantage of new features. Dynamesh is awesome, I will post new stuff with that.

And Textures:

sábado, agosto 20, 2011


This is a sculpture I have recently made based in an David Alcarria's artwork. I still have a lot to improve, I am thinking about doing a sculpture course.
I would like to learn sculpting technique from an academy. I feel like I am doing the same mistakes over and over due to a lack of knowledge.

miércoles, agosto 10, 2011

Skin shader

External files:

Infinite's very popular model from http://www.ir-ltd.net/

Kzin's Skin SSS Bleeding Shader http://www.xsibase.com/forum/index.php?board=12;action=display;threadid=45395;start=0#msg287576

Well first, I want to thank Infinite an Kzin whitout their gifts to the CG community I could never get this shader look well. You can find in Infinite's web site, objs, texture maps, normal maps and displacement. Thanks, again.
This tests are made with Autodesk Softimage 2011 MR and I haven't used any kind of global illumination. I am not a shader expert and this is my first tutorial, just saying. I guess somebody could find it useful.


With the head obj in your scene just apply an architectural (arch) material and connect infinite's colormap to arch's material. I just set the reflection to 0 and I left everything by default.

Open the render tree and import Kzin's Skin SSS Bleeding Shader (SSS bleeding). Connect the SSS bleeding to Surface to base color in the mix 2 colors node and in the other color port put the miss_skin_specular. Mix with Add mode and maximum weight.

Now it's turn to plug the color map. You have to connect the color map in every SSS_color input in the SSS bleeding and put between the image and the node a color correction and balance. Just like this picture:

So, we want to turn the colormap to each basic color R G B, this way SSS bleeding will use this modified colormap to tint the SSS effect. These are my color I have used presets:




SSS_bleeding_shader tweak:

miss_skin_specular values:

Create a SSS_lightmap: On rendertree menu>user tool>create SSS lightmap. This will bring you a new node that you have to connect it to SSS bleeding lightmap input and from that shader connect the output to material, like this:

Last step will be to add a type of displacement, normalmap or bump as you wish. In my case I rather use a normal map.

I have tweak a little the Kzan's shader by mixing differently red and blue channels. Clicking the E icon over shader node you can access to shader compound. I have changed slightly the color mix.


I have used a blue point light for the background and a white spot light as a key light and raytraced softshadows: 0.01 Softness and 8 Samples.

IMPORTANT: I have used a mia_photographic exposure (gamma 1.8) to tone and I have set the colormap to sRGB color profile. I have also connected the color map to illum_SSS_weigth on the shader but I guess I should connect a B/W image.

Skin shader from jordi agut on Vimeo.

viernes, julio 15, 2011

Lionel Messi

This is Lionel Messi a FCBarcelona player. I modeled him taking references from a match in HD. I have used Zbrush to do the sculpting part. I planned from the beginning to model his hair in Zbrush but in the end I decided to use ICE instead. Reason is I have plenty of options with Melena styling for ICE so I could give it a nice messy haircut.

Here are 3 texture samples reduced from 4k to 1k:

jueves, mayo 12, 2011

Collaborating with Pcliga.com

There it is a collaboration I did with an online football manager game Pcliga.com.
The job consisted on modeling 5 different stadiums, each of them with 12 different levels. So in game you could see your stadium grown when you increase its capacity.
There was also a Parking construction with 4 levels and shopping areas with 10 levels.
Here you have an animated example:

The most difficult part was to split every scene in all passes so they work together without any problem.

These are the 5 different stadium types you can choose when you start to play Pcliga. Well, I still have to create 5 more stadiums.